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Occupational Safety Card, 8h

Hinta 110,00 € +VAT. Including training, materials, lunch, coffee serves and Occupational Safety Card.

You can find all our open courses on the right side of this page. We organize also private courses for groups.

The persons who pass the course are granted the Occupational Safety Card, valid for five years.

Registration for the course
  • by phone: 010 320 5772

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Course for (almost) everyone!

The Occupational Safety Card training has been designed first and foremost for the shared workplace of manufacturing industry, but it is equally applicable for the building industry, public -sector, shipbuilding etc.

To improve occupational safety in shared workplaces, we have deloped a national policy called the Occupational Safety Card training.

Occupational Safety Card Training
  • Enhances practical collaboration between employers and contactors in shared workplaces
  • Support job introduction in shared workplaces
  • Provides basic information on occupational health and safety
  • Reduces overlapping training provided by different employers
  • Arouses interest and motivation also for the occupational safety skills of the company´s own personel
  • Seeks to decrease work accidents and hazards
  • Exam

A person who has passed the Occupational Safety Card course has

  1. Basic knowledge about the cooperation and general hazards of the shared workplace
  2. Knowledge about the central principles and good practices
  1. Basic preparedness to adopt also workplace and job specific orientation

Courses for groups

Alertum regularly organize open courses and courses for groups to order. The training language can be Finnish, English, Swedish, Estonian and Russian.

Alertum can organize education place and services for order groups.

Group prices
  • 850 € / 1-10 person group
  • addition participants 50 € / person
  • Trainers mileage 0,55 €/km

Courses in Alertum training place and services

  • training place and services 25 € / person

The prices do not include VAT 24%.

Courses on weekends and evenings are dealt by case.

More information and registration for the open course

  • by phone: 010 320 5772

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CAP-merkintä = Ammattipätevyyden jatkokoulutus

Espoo →

  • Sat 14th Mar 8AM-4PM
    IN ENGLISH: The Occupational Safety Card, Espoo, Alertumin koulutustila, Kutojantie 3
    Kouluttaja: Jouko Punola
  • Fri 10th April 8AM-4PM
    IN ENGLISH: The Occupational Safety Card, Espoo, Alertumin koulutustilat, Kutojantie 3, 02630 Espoo
    Kouluttaja: Timo McKeown

Helsinki →

  • Thur 23 April 8AM-4PM
    IN ENGLISH: The Occupational Safety Card, Helsinki, Rastilan Kartano, Ravintola Lähiö, Karavaanikatu 4, 00980 Helsinki
    Kouluttaja: Timo McKeown
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