Occupational Safety Card training (in Finnish Työturvallisuuskorttikoulutus) provides the employee with basic information about the general hazards in the shared workplace and occupational safety. The aim of occupational safety card training is to improve the safety of shared workplaces. The occupational safety card is suitable for everyone, regardless of sector.

The person who has the Occupational Safety Card has learned to observe hazards and risks and to be aware of the factors that affect occupational safety. He or she knows how to prevent accidents and knows how to act in the event of an accident. In addition, the responsibilities of both employees and managers are reviewed in occupational safety card training.

The training lasts 7,5 hours and the occupational safety card is renewed every five years. We have a long experience in occupational safety training and are provided by our experienced trainers. We organize occupational safety training both as events open to all and as organized for the company’s own groups.

Occupational safety card also available as a remote training

Alertum offers Occupational Safety Card courses also as a webinar. A webinar is a real-time online meeting held via the internet. The remote course is held in a virtual classroom. You can take the course at work or in the comfort of your home, anywhere in the World! In order to participate in a remote course, you only need to have a stable internet connection, camera, and a laptop or tablet.

Participants and the trainer have audio and video connections to each other throughout the training, and participants also see and hear each other.

Information about Occupational Safety Card courses

Length of the training
7,5 hours
Methods of implementation
Classroom and remote training
139 € + VAT 24%/remote training and classroom . The price includes materials and after approved accomplishment Occupational Safety Card. Classroom training includes morning and afternoon coffees as well as lunch. Request a quote for larger groups below.
Occupational Safety Card is valid for five (5) years. Ask also about Occupational Safety Card refresher training.

How fast the Occupational Safety Card is delivered?

The official Occupational Safety Card will be mailed within 2-4 weeks of the training date. Each person who has completed Occupational Safety training will receive an Occupational Safety Card mailed to the delivery address provided in the order. A paper certificate or e-mail certificate issued after training has not replaced the actual Occupational Safety Card.

Content of Occupational Safety Card training

  • Enhances practical collaboration between employers and contractors in shared workplaces
  • Support job introduction in shared workplaces
  • Provides basic information on occupational health and safety
  • Reduces overlapping training provided by different employers
  • Arouses interest and motivation also for the occupational safety skills of the company´s own personnel
  • Seeks to decrease work accidents and hazards
  • Exam

The training is supported by training material distributed by the trainer, which includes illustrative tasks. Obtaining an Occupational Safety Card requires passing a written exam at the end of the training.

A person who has passed the Occupational Safety Card course has

  1. Basic knowledge about the cooperation and general hazards of the shared workplace
  2. Knowledge about the central principles and the best practices
  3. Basic preparedness to adopt also workplace and job-specific orientation

Renewing Occupational Safety Card

The Occupational Safety Card is renewed by attending 7,5 hours of Occupational Safety training every five years. If your occupational safety card is lost, you can contact The Center of Occupational Safety (Työturvallisuuskeskus), where you can order a new card for yourself. An occupational safety card can only be ordered to replace a valid lost card. If you do not know whether your card is valid, check the validity in advance from The Centre for Occupational Safety. Occupational Safety cards are delivered within two weeks of ordering.

Occupational Safety training for your company

We also organize Occupational Safety Card training for our customers’ own groups. The content of the training takes into account the company’s industry, workplace conditions, and accident risks. The training is carried out at the time chosen by the customer at the chosen place. The training can be carried out at the customer’s premises or at any of Alertum’s training locations throughout Finland. We can also arrange training in any other country in Europe. The training language can be Finnish, English, Swedish, Estonian or Russian. Click below!

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