Online occupational safety training provides basic knowledge to employees about safety culture in shared workplaces, identification of workplace hazards, risk factors, and risk assessment. Individuals who complete the occupational safety training also understand the importance of orientation and job guidance, as well as how to act in emergency or accident situations. The objective of the training is to equip participants with the skills to work safely while considering relevant stakeholders and to motivate employees to prioritize safety in their work.

Presto’s developed Occupational Safety Training is suitable for individuals across all industries. It has been designed to meet the expectations and standards of stakeholders in shared workplaces, all of which are incorporated into the training content.

The Occupational Safety Training is entirely conducted online, allowing participants to complete it in parts or all at once, at their convenience. The training includes theory presented in various formats and related tasks to test learned material and deepen skills. Immediately after your order, you will receive login credentials via email, allowing you to start the training. It’s recommended to have the latest version of one of the following internet browsers installed on your computer: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Completing the online course using Internet Explorer is not recommended.

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The online course is also available in Finnish. Read more here.
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Occupational Safety Training Online Course

Length of the training
4-6 hours, depending on individual pace. Complete the training wherever and whenever you want, even in parts
68 € + VAT 24 %. The price includes one-time access to the online training and a PDF certificate upon successful completion of the training. Additionally, you can order a physical card for 10 €.
Validity Period
The training must be completed within one year from the date of purchase.
Validity of Certification
The occupational safety training certificate is valid for five (5) years. The electronic PDF certificate can be downloaded immediately from the system after successful completion.

The online occupational safety training includes

The online occupational safety training is extremely comprehensive in its content. Participants can divide the course into suitable sections, as it can be paused and resumed later from the same point. The course material utilizes images, text, audio, and topic-specific questions and interim tests. You can download the electronic (PDF) certificate immediately upon completion from the system.

Online Course contents:

The significance of safety culture

Presto työturvallisuuskoulutus

  • Safety culture
  • Safety observations
  • Workplace accidents
  • Zero thinking principle

Shared workplace

  • Actors at a shared workplace
  • Responsibilities at a shared workplace
  • Responsibilities at own workplace
  • Occupational health and safety cooperation
  • Occupational safety personnel
  • Occupational health care
  • Occupational safety and health inspection
  • Orientation and work guidance

Risk assessment

  • The risk assessment process
  • Measures to reduce risk
  • Planning safe work

Risk factors

  • Slipping, tripping and fall hazard
  • Machinery and mechanical lifting
  • Chemical and biological hazards
  • Physical hazards
  • Work environment and air quality

Stress factors

  • Physical stress
  • Psychosocial stress
  • Ergonomics
  • Intoxicants and work ability

Accidents and emergencies

  • Action at the event of an accident
  • Sudden or acute illness
  • Resuscitation and use of defibrillator
  • Reporting an emergency
  • Rescue and evacuation safety

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Who is the online Occupational Safety Training suitable for?

The Occupational Safety Training developed by Presto is completed entirely as an online training. Please note that not all companies accept occupational safety training conducted entirely online. If the client of the work or the entity managing access to the site requires TTK’s Occupational Safety Card® qualification as a condition for working, we have a comprehensive selection of webinar implementations that you can participate in remotely over the internet. See the upcoming Occupational Safety Card trainings (”Työturvallisuuskortti®”).

Occupational Safety Training Online Course is suitable for all employees, including those who are new to the workforce. The training provides good basic skills for safe work practices and understanding safety culture, but does not replace employer’s responsibility for job-specific safety orientation and training. The training is conducted in a browser-based system, so it does not require specific technical skills. Upon completion of the online course, you can immediately download an electronic PDF certificate. If you separately purchased a plastic certification card, we will deliver it to your home address by mail. The card is valid for five (5) years.

Participation in the online occupational safety training

When you order the course, you will receive the participation link and credentials in your email right away. You can complete the training at your own pace. When you successfully complete all sections of the online course and the final test, you will receive a qualification from Presto Occupational Safety Training valid for 5 years. The electronic certificate can be downloaded immediately after the approved performance. If you already have online course IDs, you can continue to complete the course from this link: My courses

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